Our Taxes – Our Choices. Tax Day Demonstration

Start: Wednesday, April 17, 2019 4:30 PM


Tax Day 2019

Wednesday, April 17 in Upham's Corner Dorchester

A time to protest this war budget and stand up for a federal budget that reflects our true values

4:30 pm Gather at Uphams Corner Health Center 415 Columbia Road

5:30 pm March Columbia Rd.

6:30 Meal and Meeting at St. Mary's Episcopal Church

The federal budget proposed by the President and most Republicans transfers tens of billions of dollars from education, affordable housing, climate protection, medical care, hunger assistance, and social security directly to weapons companies and warmaking.

Already our Pentagon budget is 9 times larger than the Russian military budget. It makes up 60% of the entire discretionary budget. We are funding a trillion dollar nuclear weapons upgrade. But now the Republicans and some Democrats want to take away even more money from the rest of us to fund their wars and stuff the pockets of the military companies who fund their campaigns and give them big jobs when they retire. Such a budget guarantees that more Iraqs, Afghanistans, Libyas, Syrias and Yemens are on the way.

On this day we pay our taxes, we say No Way! It's time to put our tax money into projects that make our country the kind of society we can be proud of. See you at the Upham's Corner Health Center at 4:30 for our 8th annual Tax Day march.

Sponsored by: Dorchester People for Peace, Mass. Peace Action, Mass. Alliance of HUD Tenants, City Life/Vida Urbana, Boston Teachers Union, Mass. Communities Action Network, MassCare, 350MA-Boston, Mass. Senior Action, I Have a Future, Mass. Peoples Budget Campaign, Veterans for Peace

Contact: info@dotpeace.org or 617-354-2169

For more information, visit: http://masspeaceaction.org/event/tax-day-2019-dorchester/

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