Overdose Vigil and Stand Out

Start: Sunday, June 12, 2022 6:00 PM

End: Sunday, June 12, 2022 7:00 PM


Each year, nearly 12 of our neighbors die from opioid overdoses. In the last five weeks, three of our neighbors have died.

Join us and remember that life is precious.

Bring a sign. Bring your friends. Bring your neighbors. Bring their friends.

Support a supervised consumption site in Somerville this year

We can and should prevent these deaths by establishing at least one supervised consumption site in Somerville this year.

Supervised consumption sites are locations where people who use drugs are allowed to consume substances, such as opioids. Trained staff members stand by and can intervene in the event of an overdose or other medical emergency.

"Often additional services like basic health care, housing support, and recovery resources are also offered at an SCS. To date, there have been no reported drug overdose deaths in a SCS anywhere in the world." (City of Somerville).

Where the city government stands

On Wednesday, June 1, Mayor Katjana Ballantyne affirmed her support for establishing a supervised consumption site in Somerville. She has hired Fenway Health, a Boston-based non-profit, to engage with the community and, if appropriate, select a location.

Let's learn together

Supervised consumption sites are a radically different approach to saving lives than teaching abstinence or imprisoning neighbors.

We don't have all the answers, but together, we can find the answers.

Can't make this event?

Sign up for our virtual meeting, scheduled for early July, to meet more neighbors who want to save lives!

We will be in a public square, accessible by public transit. The square does have curb cuts and has cobble and brick paving in some locations. Unfortunately at this time we do not have resource for translations, sign language, or communication access rea
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