Philly Hub: Watch Party To #ChangeTheDebate”

Start: Wednesday, June 26, 2019 8:00 PM

Hello Philadelphia!

Rachie here from Sunrise Philly! We are so excited about the #CTD Watch Party and want to let you know a few logistical details. The exact location will be at the Sunrise Movement House located at 4937 Chancellor St in West Philly!

Here are all the other details:

Last November, we challenged Democratic leadership with a simple question: What is your plan? That question shook the world.

Since then, presidential candidates have been racing to back the Green New Deal, the first plan to treat climate change like the emergency it is.

But others have doubled down on the same corporate-driven policies that have failed for decades. This approach is a death sentence for our generation.

On June 26, presidential candidates will face off for the first time in Miami, Florida. While local Sunrise activists mobilize at the debate, we'll organize hundreds of watch parties across the country to amplify their actions.

During these watch parties, we'll be flooding social media with demands for a Green New Deal, and making plans with our friends, peers and coworkers to put the pressure on these candidates and demand they give a damn about our lives.

RSVP here to join our watch party on June 26!