Poor People's Campaign Moral Action Congress

Start: Monday, June 17, 201911:00 AM

End: Wednesday, June 19, 2019 4:00 PM

Location:Trinity Washington University125 Michigan Avenue, Washington, DC, DC 20017


We in New Hampshire are joining 40 other states as we together gather in DC to:

  • launch the Poor People’s Campaign Moral and Constitutional Budget
  • hold a National Freedom School
  • invite Presidential candidates for a forum on our demands and budget
  • visit Capitol Hill during the Congress and have requested a hearing at Congress

RSVP with this event so that you can get in on the group rates for registration, travel and food!

Here's a few Frequently Asked Questions--ask more at newhampshire@poorpeoplescampaign.org.

How much will it cost to attend?
Our goal is to ensure that no one will be turned away based on their ability to pay. Participants can expect to pay between $150 and $250 for registration, which will include meals and local transportation throughout the Congress.

What about housing?
Dorm style housing will be available both at Trinity Washington University and Howard University (less than 1 mile from Trinity). Housing rates will be as low as $45/person/night for those sharing rooms and as high as $75/person/night for those wanting single rooms in shared suites. For groups that want low-cost housing we are working with several churches in the area that may make some of their facilities available (church basement floors) at low-cost for groups.

Will there be financial assistance?
Yes! We are collecting donations locally to reduce all of our costs. The National Poor People's Campaign is also giving us some grant money to make sure cost is not a barrier for anyone's participation. Please go ahead and RSVP!

I can't attend--can I donate so that others can attend?
Yes! Please click here to donate and choose "Poor People's Campaign" from the pull-down menu.