Protest the Belmont Stakes

Start: Saturday, June 11, 202211:00 AM

End: Saturday, June 11, 2022 2:00 PM

Help educate the public, say no to Animal Cruelty and the killing of innocent horses!

Protest the Belmont Stakes - the third leg of the Triple Crown. Join Horseracing Wrongs, NYS Advocates, and members of the Coalition to End Horseracing Subsidies to educate about the cruelty, the killing and the $230M/YR in corporate welfare NYS gives this cruel industry that can't support itself.

Horseracing Wrongs will continue our Mobile Billboard Campaign with TWO trucks driving in front of, and around. Belmont Park to educate the public about the truth about horseracing: #HorseracingIsAnimalCruelty and #HorseracingKillsHorses!

Meet up at Gate 5! All materials - signs, banners, leaflets will be provided. Parking is on nearby streets, plan to arrive early for time to find a spot!

See the Facebook event page for information on parking, carpools and public transportation: