Rally at the California State Capital on June 11

Start: Monday, June 11, 201812:30 PM

Week Five (June 10 - June 16)

Everybody's Got the Right to Live: Education, Living Wage Jobs, Income, Housing

This is the fifth of six weeks of nonviolent moral fusion direct action across the country to show our elected leaders we will no longer allow attention violence to keep poor and disenfranchised people down.


8:30am-9am: Arrive Sign-up for Nonviolent Moral Fusion Direct Action and support role training @ Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1300 N St, Sacramento 95814. If you are participating in Nonviolent Moral Fusion Direct Action, or supporting as a Marshal, Medic or Peacekeeper you must join this training. (even if you have already been trained!)

8:30am-12:00pm: Final Training for everyone planning on participating in the Direct Action or as a Marshal or Peacekeeper.

12:30pm: Rally at WEST CAPITOL STEPS


VOLUNTEER: Are you able to help volunteer with set-up or take down of the campaign? The revolution requires the dishwashers and movers. http://bit.ly/PPCVOLUNTEER

HOUSING: Fill in this form: http://bit.ly/PPCHOUSING

The Bay Area: Please fill out this form and local organizer will be in touch soon: http://bit.ly/2IwHBtX

Central California: Please fill out this form and local organizer will be in touch soon. http://bit.ly/2LbXt2t
As this is significantly larger zone to try and cover, we will do our best, but can't be certain we will meet everyone's needs. Please organize as much as you in your local communities to see what is possible with carpooling and transportation options.

Los Angeles & Southern California: Please fill out this form and a local organizer will be in touch soon. http://bit.ly/2x33VFU

San Diego: Contact Michael Mufson by text at 760 716-7078

If you have any questions please be in touch at california@poorpeoplescampaign.org