Rally at your Apple Store to stand up against government backdoors!

Start: Tuesday, February 23, 2016 5:30 PM

Join us this Tuesday! People will be rallying at Apple stores around the country to fight the government’s attempt to put a backdoor into our iPhones, which would make all of us less safe.

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1. Show up on Tuesday at 5:30pm local time and gather in front of the store holding signs or phones, computers, and tablets open to ProtestSign.org (which turns your device into a handy protest sign!) You can also bring your own handmade sign too! Our basic message is: “FBI: Don’t break our iPhones!” and “Secure Phones Save Lives.”Check out some ideas for signs here.

2. Get some photos and videos of the group with your phones and signs up. Try some chants like “Don’t! Break! Our! Phones!” and “ Show some energy! Send your photos and videos IMMEDIATELY to team@fightforthefuture.org and we'll help get them out to the press and on social media. The faster you can send photos the more likely we are to get press attention. You can also post photos on social media with the hashtag #DontBreakOurPhones

3. We'll have an informational flyer soon that you can print and hand out to passers by or media who show up. Check back soon for a link to that and print some out before you come if you can!

4. Be energetic, but positive! We’re angry that the FBI is trying to make all of us less safe by undermining Apple’s security, but the goal of these events is to educate the public, lawmakers, and the press about WHY this is so dangerous. So let’s channel our anger into action!


The FBI just got a judge to order Apple to build a software "backdoor" to help them hack into an iPhone. This is really dangerous because the FBI isn’t asking for access to just one phone — they’re asking Apple to make them a golden key that would let them unlock every iPhone.

The FBI has been wanting to do this for years, but now they're exploiting the tragedy in San Bernardino, CA to push their agenda to weaken the security of all of our phones to enable more government surveillance.

Our basic safety and security is at stake! On Tuesday, February 23rd we will gather at Apple stores nationwide with two simple messages: “Don’t Break Our Phones!” and “Secure Phones Save Lives!”

We're not protesting Apple, they are fighting back against this too. We're protesting the government's dangerous attempt to undermine our security by demanding a backdoor.


Breaking the security features of our iPhones won't just hurt our privacy, it puts all of our safety at risk. Once a backdoor is built, there's no way to ensure it will only be used by the government and law enforcement, and it will eventually leak either by malicious hackers, foreign governments, terrorists, or thieves and stalkers to use our data against us.

What the FBI is doing is dangerous, but it’s also illegal. Apple has a right to offer customers secure devices that protect our most sensitive information. According to the ACLU, forcing Apple to hack their own customers is unconstitutional and will undermine our privacy and safety without improving national security.

So far, Apple is vowing to fight this unlawful and reckless demand by the government, but we need to show them that they’re not standing alone. Join us at one of these important events to stand up for everyone’s safety.