Rally for Science 2018 - support the North Central Soil Conservation Research Laboratory

Start: Saturday, April 21, 201810:00 AM

End: Saturday, April 21, 201811:00 AM


Due to the Blizzard Warning, the Rally has been moved to April 21, 10 am.

Meanwhile, please know that you can sign our letter to the legislators online:

letter to legislators

Come out and show your support for fact-based reasoning in all political decisions. The president's budget has slated the North Central Soil Conservation Research Laboratory in Morris for closure. We will show our support for the importance and influence of the lab for our community, the region, the science of soils, and the federal network of agricultural research facilities. We will collect signatures and endorsements for a document, to be sent to our political representatives. An open mic will be available to all groups and individuals who would like to speak at the event. Political leaders and candidates have been invited to attend.

In 2017, more than one million people marched in more than 600 locations around the world to support and defend science for the common good. In 2018, we unite once more to advocate for science's crucial role in society and policy. We call on our representatives to support equitable evidence-based policies that serve all people.  

The Undergraduate Research Symposium at the University of Minnesota -Morris will begin at 10 am on campus, in Oyate Hall. Research and scholarly work in science, social science, arts, and humanities will presented by students - please come after the rally.

More info can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/431714447175538/

Thank you!