Rally for LGBTQIA2S+ Students in Fairfax Co Schools - School Board Meeting 10.6 6:15pm

Start: Thursday, October 06, 2022 6:15 PM

WE need any/all supporters to show up to this rally and school board meeting. Live in Fairfax Co? We need YOU to register to speak against this policy. If you also have kids in the FCPS, we especially urge you to register to speak.

The very existence of trans people in Virginia and our schools is under attack by Richmond! The Youngkin/Schultz Department of Education has written a falsely named Model Policy that rewrites the Virginia Human Rights Act for schools to exclude LGBTQIA+ people, and effectively makes being safe or welcomed in a public school in Virginia impossible for transgender and non-binary students and staff.

Let's support and encourage the Fairfax County School Board in fighting this politically based exploitation of our must vulnerable. We're counting on FCPS to bring suit against the VDOE, and we will back them. Teachers are fearing for their jobs, students are being told by the Youngkin policy that they are pariahs and unwelcome. This attack can not stand!
This rally coincides with the LGBTQIA+ History Month recognition/resolution by the (if you would like) in the photograph for the School Board Resolution.
History Month is recognized in FCPS, and includes National Coming Out Day, and the anniversary of the 1997 March on Washington for Gay and Lesbian Rights.

Please sign up to speak at the meeting in support if you are able. Registration starts on Sept 30 for the October 6 meeting. Registration ends two days before the meeting. Here's the registration link on this page (all the information is here). https://www.fcps.edu/school-board/community-participation

Families and allies welcome--keep in mind that its a public event, so reporters and such may photograph you and/or your children. It is possible that there will be a counter-rally as sometimes in the past, so parents should be aware as they bring children. Watch this space for more information.
There will be speeches, goodies, flags and songs!

Our siblings in Miami-Dade school district in Florida decided NOT to recognize this month, but FCPS continues the tradition.It's a chance to bring Queer history, LGBTQ liberation, and icons of our community (historical and modern) into our curriculum.Student clubs may make announcements, and FCPS has developed some curriculum for educators to use for History Month.

Additional guidance:

  • Bring flags, posters of icons, celebratory stuff.
  • For outside, any size sign or flag is OK. For inside, signs must be 8 1/2 X 11 or smaller. No large flags and no sticks are allowed, so miniature flag-colored pieces of cloth are OK, but no sticks, large signs or large flags. For outside anything is good.
  • Feel free to register for the speakers' lottery BEFORE Tuesday at 7 p.m. https://www.fcps.edu/school-board/community-participation