Rally & Lobby for a #GasFreeNYC

Start: Thursday, September 23, 202112:00 PM

End: Thursday, September 23, 2021 1:30 PM

Rally & Lobby for a #GasFreeNYC

Hurricane Ida is the latest reminder of the catastrophic impacts of unabated climate change.  

Decision-makers have every reason to immediately advance large-scale climate action, rather than pander to the destructive preferences of the fossil fuel and real estate industries.

Speaker Corey Johnson and NYC City Council have the opportunity to do just that, right now, by passing Intro 2317 to ban gas in all new building construction and gut renovations.

Join fellow New Yorkers on Wednesday, September 23rd at 12 noon to urge Speaker Corey Johnson and the Council to pass Intro 2317 for a #GasFreeNYC. Gas is a potent climate warmer. We can't solve the climate emergency if we don't rapidly transition off of it. Speaker Johnson and the Council must hold a hearing and pass this bill to fight climate change, air pollution, and create jobs. Together, we'll commemorate Ida's victims and call for climate action at the scale of the crisis.

Your attendance on September 23rd will help us overcome real estate lobbyists, fight climate change, and protect New York from future heat waves, floods, and sea level rise. Let's make NYC Council seize this urgent climate solution.

#GasFreeNYC #PassIntro2317

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