Rally to Stop McMahon

Start: Saturday, October 01, 2022 5:00 PM

Ryan McMahon, follow the voice of the people and fund human needs now!

On October 1st at 5PM, on the site of the Syracuse Inner Harbor Aquarium, we will be leading a demonstration to stop County mismanagement and prioritize the needs of the people.

Join us as we send our message to McMahon that the voices of the working class are not to be ignored.

The Demands:

  • Build affordable housing!

  • Stop funding slumlords!

  • End the lead poisoning crisis!

  • Provide resources for the formerly incarcerated!

  • End County union-busting!

  • Make the legislative process transparent!

Do you want to support, but can't attend? Click here to donate to the Mutual Aid Committee!

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