#RedforEd Rally

Start: Monday, February 18, 201911:00 AM

End: Monday, February 18, 2019 1:00 PM

We will no longer stay silent!

Educators and community members are tired of Nevada's public education system constantly being the last item on the agenda to be discussed, funded, and cultivated. No longer will educators and community members stay silent.

On Monday 2/18, educators and community members will rally in front of the Grant Sawyer government building to show we mean business. We want the Nevada Plan to be revisited, readjusted, and working for our children to provide the quality education they deserve. While this is not the only issue public education faces in Nevada, it is the most important. Without adequate and appropriate funding, classrooms continue to lack current resources and operate in overcrowded classrooms that are being taught by many teachers who may not be highly-qualified within their positions. Our children deserve the best!

Please join us on Monday 2/18 at 11 AM at the Grant Sawyer government building located at 555 E. Washington Ave, at the cross streets of Las Vegas Blvd./Washington Ave.

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