#RespectMyVote Rally

Start: July 19, 201710:00 AM

End: July 19, 201711:30 AM

Join us to stand up for our democracy!

Wednesday July 19 is the swearing in ceremony and first meeting of President Trump’s “Presidential Commission on Election Integrity”, also known as Trump's "Voter Suppression Commission".

That morning, a broad coalition of cultural, advocacy, and civil rights leaders will meet in front of the White House to demand that President Trump respect Americans’ right to vote and protest his attack on voting rights and personal privacy.

President Trump has stated that he established this sham commission in an attempt to validate his baseless claim that 3-5 million Americans voted illegally during the 2016 elections. It’s clear that the real purpose of the commission is to justify the creation of more barriers to the vote.

Voting rights and voter privacy are at risk!

We must stand up and hold Trump’s Voter Suppression Commission accountable!

Reclaim Your Power!

Give Us the Ballot!

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