Richmond Community Town Hall with RPS Board

Start: Friday, June 18, 2021 6:00 PM

We are RPS students, parents, alumni, community leaders, and concerned citizens who support building a new George Wythe High School now. A delay in building George Wythe means a delay in building future schools.  We are coming together to discuss a path forward so that the Richmond School Board can hear from us directly.

We believe the School Board should accept the compromise recently offered by the Mayor and City Council leadership (Page 1 and Page 2) to provide even more extensive collaboration in the construction of George Wythe, while the School Board works to build the capacity to eventually take over the entire process.

We are asking you to join a new, citywide coalition of civic organizations and advocacy groups--the Richmond Community Coalition-- to push the School Board to adopt this compromise so George Wythe can move forward with no delay.

Organizations already committed include:

  • Richmond NAACP
  • Swansboro West Civic Association
  • Swansboro Civic Association
  • George Wythe Alumni Association
  • Children of the Light Foundation Democracy Centers
  • Tajah's Justice Foundation

Please join us for this forum to talk to our school board.

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