ROC/BLOC Community Bike Ride

Start: Saturday, May 28, 202210:00 AM

End: Saturday, May 28, 202212:00 PM

The Freedom BLOC is about this Bike Life and we are inviting you to bring your bike out and come ride with us! We bringing all the generations of bike riders to come out and have a community bike ride from around the neighborhood around Joy Park Community Center. Our goal is to promote physical fitness and public safety within the Akron Neighborhoods. We are here to promote the usage of the bike lanes and bike trails that were newly created on the east side and Southside of Akron.

We aspire to create bike riding as the community coming together with all generations of family members to ride bikes and enjoy touring their neighborhood and get familiar with the neighbor. We aspire to encourage physical fitness, community bonding, community networking , recreating the village mentality for the youth. Other benefits of bike riding are.

Increased muscle strength and flexibility

Improved joint mobility

Decreased stress levels

Improved posture and coordination

Strengthened bones

Decreased body fat levels

Prevention or management of disease

Reduced anxiety and depression.

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