SECS Fall Climate Strike 2023 - End the Era of Fossil Fuels

Start: Friday, September 15, 202312:30 PM


We all want fresh air to breathe. Good jobs for our future. A planet where our lands and oceans thrive. But the more oil, gas, and coal we burn, the more toxic air we breathe; the more heatwaves, fires, and floods we face. All while wealthy fossil fuel CEOs rake in record profits from dirty practices that pollute our communities, and universities stand complicit in the climate crisis through their ties with the fossil fuel industry.

Join SECS and various other sustainability organizations as we take to the streets and space across campus to protest in support of Ending the Era of Fossil Fuels during the international day of climate action!

We will be calling on the University of Illinois Board of Trustees to respond to and adopt our request that the University of Illinois release a comprehensive and publicly-accessible financial plan to uphold iCAP Objective 9.1 and fully divest from fossil fuels, as outlined in our Fossil Free Illinois Open Letter, which you can read and sign here, imbedded within our new database resource website,! This would be a step forward for our university in cutting ties with the fossil fuel industry on our campus.

Also, we will be joining others across the United States in solidarity, calling on President Biden of the United States to take bold climate action now, using his power to put an end to the expansion of fossil fuels. We deserve a world free from fossil fuels.

This is our chance to fight, and the University's opportunity to divest from fossil fuels, a step forward for our university in cutting ties with the fossil fuel industry on our campus. A step forward for a just, safe, and livable future for all.


Event by
Rebecca Vining
Champaign, Illinois