Secure Staffing = Secure Care Solidarity Rally

Start: Tuesday, September 22, 202012:30 PM

End: Tuesday, September 22, 2020 1:30 PM


We refuse to be divided by tiered systems. At 12:30p.m. on September 22nd, we stand together as union siblings to let UW know: Union-busting, discriminatory practices will not be tolerated.

UW is trying to introduce a union-busting, two-tier furlough system. Employees in the so-called "second tier" would receive only 24 hours’ notice of a furlough, and only 24 hours' notice of being recalled to work. This proposed change blatantly targets our lowest-paid members, including many members of color and members who have immigrated.

Management has said there is no financial reason for this change and that they believe some employees just aren't working enough.

RSVP for the rally today. We will be socially distancing. Please wear a mask—we will have extras.