Socialist Night School Week 1 — Actually Existing Capitalism: Anatomy of a System in Crisis

Start: Tuesday, June 01, 2021 7:00 PM Central Daylight Time (US & Canada) (GMT-05:00)

End: Tuesday, June 01, 2021 8:30 PM Central Daylight Time (US & Canada) (GMT-05:00)

This is a virtual event

The Socialist Night School is open to anybody interested in learning more about the ideas and history behind left and socialist movements. Like most STL DSA events, we will be conducting these virtually for now.

In the first week of STL DSA's Summer 2021 Socialist Night School, we look at a selection of readings that explore just what exactly capitalism is, how it works, and the seemingly counterintuitive way it actually helps us as socialists strategize for a future beyond it.

Recommended Readings:

"Wage Labour and Capital", Karl Marx, Chapters Eight and Nine
"Capitalism: A Ghost Story", Arundhati Roy

The idea that hard work is rewarded with a comfortable life, or that a rising tide lifts all boats are comforting just-so stories that underpin our lives—not just in the US, but across the capitalist world. The unfortunate truth, as we can see, is that in reality the vast majority of wealth and profits accumulate to a select few, who rely on exploiting the labor of the vast majority of other people, many of whom struggle just to meet their basic needs. The system that perpetuates this is, of course, capitalism, but contrary to popular mythmaking, it is not a system that is eternal or inevitable—it was created and it can be destroyed.

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