SOS Anti-Eviction Canvas

Start: Saturday, September 23, 2023 1:30 PM

Join comrades in this anti-eviction canvas! Come out and inform tenants facing eviction of their rights in court, how to get a lawyer, and to see if they're interested in organizing their building. Tenants we speak to are twice as likely to go to court and fight their eviction, so every volunteer can make a big impact.

We’ll meet at the L'Enfant Plaza Metro station on the D street exit between 6th and 7th above the escalators (if the weather is bad, we'll be downstairs just before the turnstiles). At 1:30 PM we’ll have a short training to explain why these canvasses are necessary, how to talk to tenants about their upcoming eviction suits, and how to fill in walk-sheets. We’ll then hand out walk-sheets and set you up with a partner — if you’ve never done this before, we’ll try to set you up with a veteran who can show you the ropes!

This month, we'll also be having a special canvas at Marbury Plaza. Tenants at Marbury have been subject to a large number of evictions as they've organized to form a tenant's association at their building. With well over 600 units, there are hundreds of units to still knock, both for the dozens of eviction hearings that have been scheduled as well as signing up tenants for the association. We'll need volunteers specifically for Marbury so if you're interested in seeing more what building organizing looks like, make sure to come!

If you have a car, please drive it down to the meeting spot! Cars are helpful for getting canvassers to metro-inaccessible areas. (Parking near L’Enfant Plaza is a bit tricky, but doable!) If you’re interested in our work but can’t canvass, reach out to to learn about other ways to get involved.
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