Spark Joye, President Biden: Declare a Climate Emergency and Stop Line 5

Start: Friday, January 20, 202312:00 PM

End: Friday, January 20, 202312:30 PM

Declare a climate emergency and stop Line 5

Join 350 Chicago on Friday, January 20th at the Kluczynski Federal Building for a photo op and live tweeting at POTUS demanding the President Declare a Climate Emergency and Stop the Line 5 pipeline!

With a Climate Emergency, President Biden could,

-Ban crude oil exports -

-Stop the flow of fossil fuel investment abroad -

-Accelerate renewable energy and electric transportation funding -

Line 5 oil and gas pipelines

Enbridge Energy has proposed replacing the old underwater pipelines with a new version in the Straits of Mackinac. As we have recently seen in Kansas, new pipelines leak. An oil spill in the great lakes would prove disastrous to the people dependent on this fresh water resource. The drinking water of millions in the Great Lakes region is at stake. The drinking water of Chicagoland is at stake!  President Biden has the authority to halt the permitting of this pipeline. He stopped the permit for the Keystone XL. He can do the same for Line 5.

Line 5 needs to be shut down!