Speak up for Labor at Prince William Co Board Meeting 11/22 1:30pm - In-person

Start: Tuesday, November 22, 2022 1:30 PM

We are once again showing up to support Prince William general county employees in their efforts to get a strong union ordinance passed through the PWC Board of Supervisors.

You will make the biggest impact if you speak live in-person during the public comment period for the 2pm meeting. But you should arrive at 1:30pm to sign-up to speak.

If you're interested, please RSVP for this event and we'll follow up with you with more guidance. We can help with talking points and writing your 2 minute comments, if you'd like, and provide any other guidance you might need so you feel comfortable. We'll be there to greet you, help you sign-in, and get you oriented.

The Board intends to vote on the ordinance Tuesday and that we are asking people to pressure the board into delaying the vote until the ordinance is improved to include part time non benefited workers and bargaining over working conditions

You can also sign-up to speak remotely via zoom, which may be the only option for those that cannot attend in person. NOTE: You must sign up online by the night before at 5pm.

Here's a written/video explainer about the process: LINK


PLEASE NOTE THAT TIMING IS STILL SOMEWHAT FLUID. Please RSVP so we ensure you get all updates, including a link to the agenda once it's posted. If you have questions, contact us at the email listed or on slack.

All government buildings are accessible.