Stand Against Militarized Drones!

Start: Sunday, September 26, 2021 6:00 AM

End: Saturday, October 02, 2021 5:30 PM

Our 2021 weeklong fall convergence to resist U.S. killer drones in the Nevada desert has been scheduled for September 26th-October 2nd! We can't wait to work together again to nonviolently oppose the barbaric and deadly U.S. drone assassination program at Creech AFB that terrorizes communities around the world.

Shut Down Creech, (SDC) co-sponsored by CODEPINK and Veterans For Peace, is a national campaign to "shut down" the criminal U.S. drone terror program. The campaign is a call for coast to coast mobilization for bi-annual week-long resistance in the spring and fall, at Creech Air Force Base, a principal drone control base in Indian Springs, Nevada, an hour north of Las Vegas. Using the powerful tool of nonviolent Gandhian resistance and peaceful protest, we uncover the lies and misinformation, educate, break the silence and put our bodies on the line for the global defenseless living under the daily terror of remotely controlled U.S. militarized drones. We invite other organizations to join this important campaign.

The Registration Form is available here. Please fill out this form even if you are not yet sure about coming in the fall. A transportation form, asking about your travel plans to/from SDC, will be available in early September. A pledge to nonviolence guidelines and participation in nonviolence training, if needed, is required for full participation. We are committed to a full week of nonviolent resistance, in a united front to oppose U.S. killer drones.

Please come for part or all of this amazing Peace Convergence to nonviolently resist the terror of the illegal U.S. drone assassination program, and the global domination policies of the U.S. that cause severe suffering and death of millions around the world.