Starbucks Day of Action: LI DSA Solidarity

Start: Wednesday, March 22, 2023 8:00 PM

Please join us at Starbucks! Today, 3/22!

Take action! Starbucks Workers United has declared today as a Day-of-Action across the country. Labor & Community Organizers, please consider 'adopting' a store near you, or join us at one of the Long Island SB stores currently on strike: Farmingville & Lynbrook) TONIGHT at 8PM to demand Starbucks stop union-busting and start negotiating in good faith with their workers.

We will be playing Union Songs, Starbucks Union busting audio coverage, & celebrating the recent unionizations on Long Island. Bring a bluetooth speaker & consider printing some of the solidarity materials!

A new labor movement is gaining momentum. Let's keep it up on Long Island!

Striking Starbucks Stores on LI: Strike Support. Join the Picket!
Farmingville: 6:30AM-4:00PM | LI DSA Solidarity Rally at 8pm
Lynbrook: 10:00AM-12:00PM 4:00-6:00pm | LI DSA Solidarity Rally at 8pm

For more than a year, workers have joined together, raised their voices, cast ballots and gone on strike to demand Starbucks respect their right to a union. Workers are asking for simple things, like a voice in their workplace over pay and scheduling. Starbucks, which posted $3.3 billion in profits last year, has responded with a brutal, bullying anti-union campaign of threats, intimidation, firings, store closings and refusing to meet workers at the bargaining table–becoming the most prolific union buster in U.S. history.
On the eve of the 2023 Starbucks Annual Shareholders Meeting, March 22, 2023, Starbucks will host a celebration of outgoing CEO, Howard Schultz, in Seattle. That same day, workers and their allies will converge on downtown Seattle to make it an accountability day and call on Howard Schultz and his board of directors to STOP UNION BUSTING and come to the table to bargain with workers. In solidarity with the flagship event in Seattle, Starbucks workers are asking allied organizations to take action across the country to hold Starbucks accountable.
Can you join us at 8pm at [store location] on March 22 to send Starbucks a strong message that we won’t tolerate their bullying tactics? Click here to RSVP and stay up to date on our action plan [this is where you will add in your Action Network Link].
In the runup to the company’s 2023 shareholder meeting, partners, allies and elected officials will force Starbucks, its board, and its incoming CEO to make a choice: end the intimidation and respect workers’ right to organize or risk losing a generation of consumers who care deeply about the partners serving their coffee and their calls for a say in their workplace.

In Solidarity,
Long Island DSA

Please Note: If you are planning on joining the call from your own local Starbucks store please plan on arriving at 7:30pm & bring a bluetooth speaker & you can even print out some materials!!

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