I Will Participate in #RedforEd Statewide Walk-In

Start: Wednesday, April 11, 2018 7:00 AM Arizona (GMT-07:00)

Arizona Educators United invites every school in the state to participate in a walk-in. Educators from every district will be gathering outside their schools before contract time to speak to the public about the reasons for this movement, demands that have been made, and importance of community support.

Educators need the community to support us at the site level because of the impact any action taken by educators has on our students. If the community is behind us, then they will support more escalating actions. If the community supports us, then they will help provide services to parents should a school close.

We need as many schools to participate as possible with as many people participating as possible.

Check out the Toolkit for Action.

A walk-in is a demonstration of concern by school staff and community members prior to the start of the school day that ends on the first bell when everyone enters the building and school carries on as normal.  The purpose is to raise awareness of educational issues and to demonstrate unity among the educational professionals and community while allowing for education to continue.


  • Begin 30 minutes before first bell.

  • Wear RED

  • Have pre-made signs and posters which briefly state the issues and support the #RedforEd demands.

  • Post pictures and videos on social media during and after the action. #RedforEdWalk-in

  • Have copies of AEU demands and fact sheets on the issues

  • Gather at a single location with the highest visibility. Flagpoles, if close to the building, are good sites for gathering.

  • Maintain inside personnel for student supervision as necessary

  • Avoid negative signage and personal attacks – Issue driven

  • Involve parents and community members – Any concerned adult should join the school staff at the walk-in.  If parents bring their children, welcome them, but that is a parent choice. Do not directly ask students to participate.

  • Invite the school Principal to join the walk-in as a demonstration of support for the demands, the staff, and the community.

  • Invite the parent leaders at the campus to participate.

  • At the walk-in, have time for a few people (no more than 3) to address the group with short remarks about why this is important, how the action supports the change we need, and the stories from the school about why we need change.

  • Ask each participant to use their phone to sign the AEU demands support statement online.

  • Conclude the action by having all participants walk into the school arm-in-arm to show solidarity.

  • Be sure to end in time for all staff to begin their responsibilities


  • The goal is to share concerns and demonstrate the number of people concerned about the issues the demands address.

  • Maintain professionalism and decorum.  This is a teachable moment for showing young people how citizens can peacefully demonstrate concerns about their government.

  • In the face of negativity, remain calm and accepting of the difference of opinion. Hear out any staff who believe we need to be holding a walk out and support their view explaining that a walk-in is needed first. Hear out anyone who has any concerns about the demands knowing the vast majority support them.

  • End the walk-in promptly, ensuring that none of the school day is impacted.

  • Get to know your fellow staff on the line.  Build the bonds of community. Have all sign on to the demands support statement.

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