Stop the War In Ukraine – National Demonstration

Start: Saturday, February 25, 202312:00 PM

At the end of February it will be one year since Russia invaded Ukraine. As with all wars millions of ordinary people have suffered, vast numbers of refugees have been displaced and thousands of troops on both sides have been killed. Clearly the longer the war goes on the more suffering will occur. Rather than sending more arms and weaponry to Ukraine, as the US and its allies are doing, ending the war will only be achieved through peace talks and diplomacy. In the absence of negotiation the danger of escalation, possibly nuclear escalation, is very real. This is why we demand peace talks now.

Stop the War has opposed the invasion and the war since it began. To mark this dreadful one year anniversary we have called a National Demonstration in Central London for Saturday 25 February. Please join us and make our demands heard: Stop the War in Ukraine – Peace Talks now!

This event is organized by Stop the War Coalition.

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