Sunday's for Systemic Change

Start: Sunday, September 27, 202012:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time (US & Canada) (GMT-07:00)

We can't wait for systemic change!

Fatima Iqbal-Zubair is a public school teacher, immigrant, mother, and environmental champion running to bring systemic change to Assembly District 64 and California. As a teacher in Watts and having worked as an education commissioner for the incumbent, Fatima has seen firsthand how our communities are left neglected. Fossil fuel companies pollute our air and water,  police oppress our rights, and developers push us out of our homes. This is NOT a system we signed up for- this is system that prioritizes profits over people and we MUST make a stand!

Fatima and this campaign believes that's it's our voices that should be heard in Sacramento, not corporations! We demand that our neighborhoods are safe from the police; that our schools are pathways to opportunity instead of pipelines to prison; that no one is without a home and no one is without healthcare!

While Fatima refuses to take corporate PAC money and has made the No Cop Money pledge, our opponent is the one of the biggest acceptors of corporate money. We need to OUT-maneuver by OUT-organizing! Join our Sunday phone banks to get the word out about Fatima Iqbal-Zubair's campaign and get our voices heard on November 3rd. You will get to be in solidarity with other progressive groups that have endorsed Fatima or support Fatima.

Join our Google Hangout link. Training is held at the start of every phone bank for new phonebankers, and if you are a veteran you can jump right into phonebanking after joining the group! Join our #phoneteam channel on Slack to post questions and your experiences: