Support Ken and Tarak

Start: Friday, November 08, 201910:00 PM

Ken Mayers and Tarak Kauff are next due in Ennis Circuit Court this coming Friday 8th November. Their case should be transferred to Dublin Circuit Court on that day, but the prosecution may seek to further delay this process so we would like as many supporters in court as possible. Their appeal of their bail conditions cannot be made to the High Court until after their case has been transferred to Dublin.

For over 7 months the Irish state has been holding these two US peace activists hostage in Ireland. Their crime? They dared to enter Shannon warport on St Patrick's Day to search a US warplane so they could highlight war crimes.

The authorities claim they are a "flight risk". However these two members of US Veterans for Peace say they would be more accurately described as a "death risk": Ken Mayers is aged 82, while the younger fellah, Tarak Kauff, is a mere 77. And as for not returning for their trial that is nonsense. They want their day in court, it is why they did their what they did on St Paddy's Day. in fact they don't see it as their day in court but as the day we put the government in the stand and pull back the curtains on the Irish government's support of war crimes.