Support Leena, John, Mary and Ea in court

Start: Wednesday, December 07, 202211:30 AM

Rebels Leena, John, Mary and Ea were arrested as part of a disruptive action at the State Government’s Roundtable for Oil and Gas at the National Wine Centre in October.

Together they interrupted Minister for Energy and Mining, Tom Koutsantonis' address by locking and gluing themselves to the internal doors of the National Wine Centre, resulting in charges of trespass.

The room stopped and listened as rebels gave powerful testimonies about the hypocrisy of declaring a climate emergency while actively supporting the oil and gas industry.

Even Tom Koutsantonis MP was forced to admit, "Make no mistake, they [Extinction Rebellion] are making an impact".

Watch part of the livestream here

Leena, John, Mary and Ea are expected to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on 7 December.

Please join us out the front to show your support.