Support Mai at court

Start: Tuesday, April 04, 202310:00 AM

Mai was arrested on the final day of the Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference for refusing police orders to move after sitting down in front of a parked police van.

This protest was part of three days of disruptive action targeted at the major fossil fuel conference. The SA Government was a principle partner for the event.

While Mai's bail conditions were eased back in December, her case has now been adjourned three times!

“We put our bodies on the line as a last resort. We are desperate for change. There's too much at stake and very little time to act on it. We need to move away from fossil fuels as quickly as possible." said Mai before her court hearing in December.

"The prospect of an unlivable world scares me. Doing nothing about it scares me more.”

Join supporters as outside the Adelaide Magistrates court in support of Mai.