Support Robyn and Peter in court

Start: Wednesday, November 30, 202211:00 AM

Rebels Robyn and Peter were arrested as part of a disruptive blockade action at the final day of the Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference at the Adelaide Convention Centre in October.

The protest highlighted the hypocrisy of the SA Government partnering with the destructive oil and gas industry, despite recently declaring a climate emergency.

Robyn and Peter were both dragged away by police after sitting down in front of the barricade, charged with failure to cease loitering.

Robyn stated that they took action “Because we’ve got to do something now and I want to stand up and be counted. I’ve got grandchildren. I’ve got children and I want them to have a future.”

“I’m doing this as a desperate last resort to try and get some effective action to stop the climate criminals in there wrecking our planet.”

Watch the livestream here

Robyn and Peter are expected to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on 30 November.

Please join us out the front to show your support.