Support San Juan County's Oil Train Resolution

Start: Tuesday, July 07, 2015 9:00 AM

Support the San Juan Islands during the “Stop Oil Trains Week of Action” on July 7, 2015!

Please ask your San Juan County Council member to sign a resolution that would ensure safety standards are in place for the transport of crude oil by rail before it moves through our waters. Click here to see the resolution.

Write or call your representative and express your support ahead of time:; Rick Hughes (Orcas),; Jamie Stephens (Lopez),; Bob Jarman (San Juan),

Then join us during the Council’s Public Access Time on at 9 a.m. on July 7 to show your support.

FRIENDS of the San Juans and the San Juans Alliance are concerned about the potential severe impacts from the transport of crude oil by rail to communities along the I-5 corridor. San Juan County relies on the roads and bridges in neighboring mainland communities along the rail corridor that provide access for all our essential goods and services that must be delivered, primarily by truck, via the Washington State Ferries. Impacts from rail accidents in any of these communities could also affect San Juan County’s flow of goods and services. An accident over a waterway could also impact the overall health of the Salish Sea.

No more exploding trains. No more tar sands. Join us at the San Juan County Council Chambers on July 7 to show your concern and support.  Thank you!