Tell Congress: Declare Climate Emergency!

Start: Tuesday, July 09, 2019 5:00 PM

The UK and Canada have declared a climate emergency. It's time for the US to get its act together and follow suit.

We are in the middle of an unprecedented crisis. Global warming threatens to destroy our civilization. Congress must begin taking the crisis seriously. And the first step to action is telling the truth. Congress must officially declare a climate emergency and begin working on solutions to the crisis.

Join Extinction Rebellion DC on July 9th to demand that Congress officially declare a climate emergency. We must show Congress that the inhabitants of this nation will not sit idly by while our elected leaders destroy the planet.

The United States is the second-largest emitter of fossil fuels on the planet. As a leader of the push to embrace fossil fuels worldwide, it now has an obligation to be a leader in the push to eliminate them.

But instead of addressing the climate crisis, Congress has chosen over and over again to continue with business-as-usual. So on July 9th, we're going to interrupt business-as-usual. We want our elected leaders to know that the climate crisis needs to be the top legislative priority, and we won't rest until it is treated as such.

Extinction Rebellion's first demand is that our governments tell the truth by declaring a climate emergency and working with existing institutions to educate the public. Without telling the truth, we cannot hope to pass serious climate policy.

We need to send a bold message to Congress: Do your job, stop fooling around, and declare a climate emergency now!
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