The Pentagon: Exposing the Hidden Polluter of Water

Start: Sunday, March 08, 202012:00 PM

Join Pat Elder's 20-city California tour in March, 2020 where he will draw attention to the public health crisis caused by yet more reckless behavior by the military. The Military is Contaminating California's Water, Soil, and Air. The contamination is caused by Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances, (PFAS). These deadly "forever chemicals," and a host of toxic chemicals used on military bases, threaten public health.

For two generations the military has used harmful chemicals in routine fire training exercises and has allowed the highly cancerous materials to leach into the groundwater and to contaminate the drinking water of local communities. All along, the military knew of the dangerous potential of these chemicals. PFAS causes a host of cancers, causes several childhood diseases, and damages a woman’s reproductive health.

Pregnant women should never drink water containing PFAS!

Join us to learn more about PFAS and it's terrifying effects. This stuff will dwarf the impact of Agent Orange, DDT, and asbestos combined.