This Land is Our Land

Start: September 09, 201712:00 PM

End: September 09, 2017 3:00 PM


On September 8th & 9th, we're taking action across the country to Energy Transfer Partners and defend indigenous rights and our water, land, air, and climate.

By taking coordinated action targeting ETP, we will launch a broader, sustained effort to disrupt ETP’s business-as-usual until the company withdraws their unnecessary and damaging pipeline projects, stops violating human rights, and stops polluting the air, water, and climate.

In Ohio we will gather near the doors of the Wayne National Forest Field Office at noon to kick off our campaign. We are working as a national coalition of grassroots groups set on protecting our communities from ETP's poor attempt at constructing these pipelines across our homelands.  So bring your best sign and join this movement to stop these corporations before it is too late.

In Ohio Rover plans to transport fracked gasses in some places with 2 x 42 inch side by side massive pipelines creating the largest project in the country.  ETP wants to transport fracked gases from and near the Wayne National Forest.  The Marietta Unit of the Wayne National Forest runs along the Ohio River and the ETP wants to run lateral pipelines under the Ohio River in three places in this proposed Ohio River Valley Industrial corridor.  Rover runs across Ohio, Michigan and parts Pennsylvania, West Virginia into Canada for export often taking property under eminent domain.  

This is a day of action to show your support to these impacted communities as we meet to protect the Wayne National Forest from the online BLM lease auction to take place on September 21st.  Please take the time to join us for a greater understand of what we are up against in these troubled times as we face in our future taking on these industries and what we are doing about it.

Cannot come to Marietta?  We can help you plan an action in your community, just ask.  Please contact your action host for any specific questions about your action, and do bring your friends and your best sign out to the Day of Action to #StopETP!