Treaty People Gathering / Stop Line 3

Start: Friday, June 04, 2021 9:00 AM

End: Monday, June 07, 202110:00 PM

The Minnesota Poor People's Campaign stands with the tribes, unions, organizations, and faith communities coordinating the Treaty People Gathering to stop the Line 3 pipeline.

BACKGROUND: The Poor People's Campaign is organized around fighting the five evils of: Poverty, Systemic Racism, Environmental Degradation, Militarism/the War Economy, and the Distorted Moral Narrative that feeds the other four evils. Fighting Line 3 is, without question, a natural expression of the Campaigns principles, values, and demands.  

HOW TO SUPPORT THE ACTION: As a a member and supporter of the Poor People's Campaign, we thank you for supporting the Treaty People Gathering from June 4th through June 7th. We are focusing especially on June 6th and 7th.  We are asking for your help in organizing our neighbors, our organizations, and our faith communities to attend. Please share this widely among your circles of influence.

HOW TO ATTEND THE ACTION:  We are asking you to complete a 2-step registration process to participate in this event. STEP 1: complete our simple registration form below.  It lets us know you are intending to participate and will help us be able to coordinate a Poor People's Campaign delegation. STEP 2: click this link to >> formally register to attend the Treaty People Gathering using their registration form.  (If you are able to organize a delegation from your faith community, your STEP 3 is this final form. Please make sure individuals complete step 1 & 2. ) Thank you for completing the steps.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Poor People's Campaign will also be making a major announcement for June 7th. If you can not participate in the Treaty People Gathering, we request you "save the date" of June 7th and plan to attend the MNPPC action in St. Paul, MN. More details to come.

Forward Together, NOT ONE STEP BACK!

- The MN Poor People's Campaign