Unlearning Circle - White Supremacy Culture

Start: 2021-01-09 10:00:00 UTC Central Daylight Time (US & Canada) (GMT-05:00)

End: 2021-01-09 12:00:00 UTC Central Daylight Time (US & Canada) (GMT-05:00)

This is a virtual event

In a world that so often feels defined by extremes, it can be tempting to rely on the white supremacy culture characteristic of either/or thinking*, where we define events, ideas, and people as either all good or all bad . As we look towards Joe Biden’s inauguration and the political conflicts that exist both in Congress and in our communities, we can also see the looming trap of either/or thinking - that we can only be either in support of or in opposition to a politician or a policy platform, rather than allowing room for an approach that includes strong support for some positions and vocal critique of others.

In our own lives, either/or thinking is frequently tied to perfectionism and a fear of making mistakes. For white folks striving to practice anti-racism, this can show up in the idea that there are “good white people” and “bad white people,” which can lead us to avoid taking risks or honestly examining how we enact white supremacy for fear of threatening our status as “good white people.” Outside of either/or thinking is space for nuance, growth, and a fuller embrace of our own and others’ humanity.

Join us for an unlearning circle where we will explore the ways that either/or thinking shows up in our lives and ask: how can we recognize and release either/or thinking in service of dismantling white supremacy culture?

*Credit to Tema Okun and Keneth Jones for their work naming and describing characteristics of white supremacy culture


UWSA’s first Unlearning Circle in the winter of 2017 was created as a place for white people to do the work of reflection and community self-education. As we continue to gather to critically examine our own participation in cultures of dominance, we build our capacity to show up as individuals and as a city-wide community network for Black, Indigenous and people of color-led anti-racist efforts in a positive and accountable way. The Unlearning Circles are an opportunity for white identifying people to explore white supremacy culture and our role and responsibilities in undoing racism. We welcome and recognize the gift of the presence of any People of Color who choose to join us.


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White Supremacy Culture PDF https://www.dismantlingracism.org/uploads/4/3/5/7/43579015/okun_-_white_sup_culture.pd

People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond - Antiracist Principles https://www.pisab.org/our-principles/

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