Demand #FreedomForImmigrants

Start: Wednesday, June 27, 201812:00 PM

Trump just signed an executive order to lock up parents and children together in cages, as if that’s going to stop family separation. This does not solve the problem. It worsens it.

We are calling immediate direct action on June 27th in Tornillo, TX to stop & abolish CBP now!

Our fight to reunite families continues. We won’t rest until immigrant detentions across the state and the country end, UNTIL the profiting from the suffering of families ends and until Congress abolishes ICE & CBP to end the perpetration of abuse, violence, and deaths towards immigrant youth and families.

Right now, we need to be the bold opposition to Trump’s mass incarceration, the killing, deportation of our communities and stop Trump's deportation force. We must Abolish ICE & Abolish CBP. RSVP above!
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