Webinar: Online Organising Tools

Start: Thursday, February 11, 202110:00 AM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney (GMT+10:00)

End: Thursday, February 11, 202111:00 AM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney (GMT+10:00)

This webinar will showcase two digital organising tools developed by our friends at United for Respect.
It will include a demonstration of both tools and an overview of how they are assisting unions to organise and engage with their members and potential members.

1.     Data visualisation and tracking tool - https://areyousafe.work/

The tracker tool was developed last year in order to collect and reflect instances of Covid-19 in workplaces. It displays crowdsourced data via an interactive map and enables workers to report issues and receive updates and alerts about incidents in their area. The organisations using the tool are able to follow up with individuals, analyse the collected data, issue alerts and include calls to action and news updates.

This tool has the potential to be repurposed in order to capture and track data and reports on a range of issues.

2.     AI-assisted WorkIt Q&A app - https://www.workitapp.org/

WorkIt is an app that enables workers to receive answers to a range of workplace related questions. It connects workers with peers and with their unions. It is currently being utilised by United for Respect as part of their Walmart organising and by a range of other unions and community organisations including United Workers Union and Hospo Voice in Australia.

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