Webinar: The World Is My Country Club with Hazel Henderson

Start: Wednesday, July 01, 202010:00 AM

End: Wednesday, July 01, 202012:00 PM

Location:Webinar: https://www.theworldismycountry.com/club123 Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90025


Hazel Henderson is evolutionary economist, syndicated columnist and media producer. She is author of:

--Creating Alternative Futures: The End of Economics
--Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy
--Planetary Citizenship (co-author)

As head of Ethical Markets, she worked with Religious leaders and the Calvert investment group to devise a new economic index. Unlike GDP, which goes up the more we commit the 7 deadly sins, the Calvert Henderson index goes up when we do the Golden Rule. The Love Economy! It measures all the things like volunteering and serving others - which contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The current economy is propelling us on a path to extinction. Tune in and learn how we can create an alternative economy -- in time to save our species!