Wild About Worcester Nature Walk

Start: Sunday, May 15, 202211:00 AM

End: Sunday, May 15, 2022 1:00 PM

Location:Battenhall Park174, Battenhall Road, Worcester, WR5 2BT GB

Host Contact Info: Aladi Mabur 07466 505512 aladimabur@yahoo.com

Please join us on a guided nature walk, organised by Worcester Environmental Group, where you will spend a magical couple of hours or so learning about and connecting with our precious environment. There is beauty and wonder all around us when we mindfully really look, listen, touch and smell in a way we often don't do in our busy lives. This guided walk will hopefully engage us in a way that perhaps we haven't experienced since we jumped in muddy puddles as young kids. It might be a good idea to come prepared for glorious mud!

All are welcome, well behaved dogs and children too. We will muster at the top of Battenhall park and work our way down to Diglis Fields. You may think you know this walk, but after this experience you will look at your parkland and its margins in a very different more observant way.

You are welcome to join us after the walk for lunch just up the river at the Anchor Inn at Diglis Basin.

We suggest you wear good shoes, boots or wellingtons.It would be best to arrive on foot. The distance back to the start is quite short.