Women’s Wave Wisconsin 2019

Start: Saturday, January 19, 201910:00 AM

Welcome to the official page for the Women’s Wave 2019 event in Wisconsin!

The rally will begin at 10am on Saturday, January 19th, 2019 at the State Street steps of the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison. It will be around 90 minutes in length. Speakers have been and will continue to be announced on the Facebook event, which you can find here. Following the rally, we will march our legislative agenda to the Capitol!

Community partners will be tabling in the area.

There will be an ADA reserved area, a sign language interpreter near the stage and a sensory friendly area inside the Capitol with a live stream of the rally - room 225NW.

More information will be posted in the Facebook event linked above. All links related to the Women’s Wave; such as carpool, donations, merchandise, and more; can be found here: https://www.womensmarchwi.com/2019/

We can’t wait to see you in Madison on January 19th, 2019!