Climate Assemblies and their Impacts - Workshop at the December Rebellion

Start: Friday, December 08, 2023 9:00 AM

End: Friday, December 08, 202311:00 AM

Location:The Drill Hall26 Therry Street, Melbourne, 3000 AU

Host Contact Info:

"Upgrade our Democracy: Climate Assemblies and their Impacts"

Extinction Rebellion's third demand calls on governments to create citizens' assemblies on climate and ecological justice and be led by their decisions. Citizens' assemblies are a form of participatory-deliberative democracy with a focus on consensus-building. They include randomly selected people from all walks of life and have had huge success in changing long-embedded policies in many countries.  

Hear from Sonia Randhawa (from Coalition of Everyone) about citizens' assemblies: what they are, how they can help us fix the climate crisis, where they have already been implemented and their impacts.

Sonia is extremely engaging as a presenter and very knowledgable. Her workshop outdoors at Occupy for Climate earlier this year really grabbed people, despite the cold and rain. This time she will share her wisdom and get you thinking about the importance of XR's 3rd demand in the comfort of the Drill Hall.

Level access is via the Victoria Street exit/entrance which unfortunately must be opened from inside the building. Please call Jane C on 0400 053 266 to request access. Apologies for this clunky system.