The Yesah Tribunal: Mountain Valley Pipeline and the Rights of Rivers

Start: Saturday, June 01, 2024 9:00 AM

Location:Haw River State Park339 Conference Center Dr, Browns Summit, NC 27214 US

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Calling all Water Protectors!

Join us to stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline in North Carolina

This event is hosted by 7 Directions of Service, with support from Movement Rights, Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature, and International Rights of Nature Tribunal. This is the 12th local tribunal recognized by the International Rights of Nature Tribunal assembly.

We demand that Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) polluters be held accountable for their violations of human and nature’s rights, destruction and desecration of sacred sites, mountains, and rivers, and provide clean-up costs for all impacted residents and ecosystems of West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina. We have many ways to stand together to stop the MVP, including recognizing legal Rights of Rivers. HB923, the Rights for the Dan River Ecosystem Act, was recently introduced in the NC General Assembly.

Join us for the Yesah Tribunal on Saturday June 1, 2024 to understand how the pipeline is destroying the health of rivers and waterways, and how we can take powerful next steps together including passing laws to elevate the natural world from being seen in the law as merely property for profit to a rights-bearing entity that supports life.

We welcome our powerful judges:

  • President of the Tribunal- Casey Camp Horinek, Nation: Ponca

  • Judge - Hartman Deetz, Nation: Mashpee Wampanoag
  • Judge - La'Meshia Whittington Nation: Apalwahči Mvskoke, Afro-Indigenous

  • Secretary General - Nati Greene

  • Co-Secretariat - Shannon Biggs

  • Earth Prosecutor - Pamela Martin

  • Case Presenter - Dr. Crystal Cavalier-Keck, Nation: Occaneechi Band of the Saponi

During this historic, Indigenous-led tribunal, attendees will witness testimony on the violations perpetrated by MVP, and a powerful lineup of judges will issue a ruling. The day-long event will be livestreamed, and there will be Spanish interpretation.

The Rights of Nature—including the Rights of Rivers—is the fastest growing environmental justice movement in the world with laws in over 30 countries. Recognizing that Nature has the right to exist, evolve and carry on its vital cycles free from destructive projects like pipelines places legal and enforceable obligations on humans to live within the boundaries of the natural world.

More than just a legal construct, this Indigenous-led movement is working to bring ancestral wisdom, traditional ecological knowledge, modern science and law together to shift how we as humans live.

Over the past few years, 7 Directions of Service and their partners have been working to draft and pass state laws that would recognize Rights of the Haw and Dan Rivers, to stop destructive projects like the MVP from moving forward. HB923, the Rights for the Dan River Ecosystem Act, was recently introduced in the NC General Assembly.


The Haw River State Park Main Lodge is an accessible venue, with handicap bathrooms and entranceways.
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Movement Rights
Browns Summit, North Carolina
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