Youth Activist Summit

Start: Saturday, July 13, 2019 9:30 AM

End: Saturday, July 13, 2019 3:00 PM

About This Event: The Youth Activist Summit will contain trainings, workshops, speakers, and performers. Many youth want to take action to positively impact the world and make changes in terms of climate change, civil rights, and much more. This summit is designed to give youth the tools to speak and act towards these policies and injustices. Contact Us For More Information or with any questions at


Jackie Spicer

Kelsey Renee Allan

Nevada Conservation League (Panel)

Britney Davis

Lena Rodriguez

Beverly Schreiber

Sunrise Movement Vegas (Panel)



More Than Co.

Vintage MRKT

Girl Scouts Southern Nevada

Nevada Student Power

GLSEN Southern Nevada

The Car Bar

Litter Free LV

Las Vegas Climate Save

Wild & Free Sticker Co.

Human Rights Campaign

Equality NV

Habit Hair Culture

All Ways Beautiful

NextGen NV

What Ages Are Invited?: Although this event is aimed at ages 25 and under, we encourage people of all ages to attend and participate!

How Much Are Tickets?: FREE! We are hosting this event on a completely donated and volunteer basis. Any fees going towards this event are completely out of pocket. Being said, tickets should cost $25 - $50 each, so we would definitely appreciate any donations to pay back these costs and the costs of future events- but there is no ticket price.

This Is A "Sister" Event?: This Is Zero Hour is a climate change organization who is hosting the big "Youth Climate Summit" event happening in Miami from July 12th - 14th. Spark Of Life Collective is partnering with them to host the single day all day event in Las Vegas, NV. What is the difference? Aside from also incorporating LGBTQ+ groups and women's rights groups, we have multiple panels.

Why Do You Need My Email?: Because this event aims to be as environmentally sustainable as possible, we are not printing and handing out programs, brochures, or any of that stuff that you'd normally find at summits and conferences. However, we still want all of this stuff to be readily available to you! Every person who shows up will receive an email containing all of the information you need to know about the Youth Activist Summit, our speakers, performers, vendors, things you can do to make an impact, and so much more!

We prefer receiving your email in advance, but will request it upon walking into the event and have a technology manager on standby to submit any emails to those who may not have submitted it in advance.

Banned Items List:

- Alcoholic Beverages of any kind

(This is a youth event. You may see a bar included in the space, but we are NOT using it and WeWork has security locking it down for this event. We have a vendor who sells non-alcoholic mock-tails that are made with things such as lemonade)

- Weaponry Such as guns, knives and bombs)

(We do recognize that people keep multi-tools and keys on them and will request that you leave those items in your bags hidden away. Any guns, knives, or other weaponry will be confiscated by either WeWork or Spark Of Life Co security teams)

- Chemical Items that may cause fire, explosion, or any other major and/or dangerous disruption

- Smoke, Cigarettes, and/or Weed

(Medical Marijuana on premises must include proof of prescription)

- Toasters

- Slow Cooker

- Security Sealed Cases

- Pets Other Than Service Dogs

(We prefer you email us if you have a service animal because we do know of severe allergies on our potential volunteer list and would not want to send anyone to the hospital)

Event by
Adrian Greenfeld
Las Vegas, Nevada