Youth Climate Rally - Northwest Indiana

Start: Friday, September 20, 2019 4:00 PM

This is a time where youth voices will not only be heard, but uplifted and prioritized. The “Northwest Indiana -Youth Climate Strike” event is proposed to give a central location and make it accessible for youth to converge together at 4 pm to give kids time to commute after school, in solidarity with the youth around the world that are taking action and raising their voices. Youth will be speaking about their future and how adult decisions will not only affect them the long-term, but the generations of youth that will come after them. It’ll be a time for youth to come together, build a community and learn from each other. The impacts that our environment and climate in Northwest Indiana has on us. This is their chance for their voices to be supported and empowered, when they might otherwise feel powerless and like their problems are “too big”. Adults are invited to listen to these voices and learn how to support the youth when making decisions that can impact their future.