ZOOM CALL: Next Steps After State House Failure to #FundOurSchools

Start: Tuesday, August 07, 2018 7:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) (GMT-05:00)

End: Tuesday, August 07, 2018 8:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) (GMT-05:00)


Parents woke up on Wednesday to bad news—their kids won’t have librarians, or field trips, or books for foreseeable future because the State House failed to pass a basic and urgent fix for our broken school funding formula.

They failed to pass the bill even in the face of consensus in the education community around the Foundation Budget Review Commission recommendations, endless hours of advocacy and organizing work by parents, students and teachers across the state, appeals from New England Patriots players and artists, and the support of almost 140 of our 200 state lawmakers.

We cannot wait until January to start organizing. The fight starts today. We are calling on public education defenders to join us this Tuesday, August 7th at 7PM for an Emergency Campaign Call. We will explain what happened this legislative session, equip folks with the tools to start organizing on the ground, and be ready to go all-in and take what we know we deserve.

We need to escalate our organizing and defense of public education through our local coalition tables in communities across the state. We’re not letting legislators off the hook. We’ll hold them accountable at the ballot box on September 4th and November 6th and then take our fight to the State House when they’re back at work in January.

Can you join us? Click here to RSVP for our Emergency Campaign Call next Tuesday.

As I said on Radio Boston on Wednesday: “Everyday people are going to organize, they’re going to mobilize, they’re going to build power in their communities, they’re going to uplift the voices of people most hurt by this. And ultimately what it’s going to come down to is us taking back the State House as a body that’s supposed to represent the people.”

When we fight, we win. And the fight has just begun. Are you ready?