Add your name to protect Dreamers now!

Donald Trump launched his campaign for president by calling Mexican immigrants “rapists” who are “bringing crime.” And last week, he tried to conflate 800,000 Dreamers with violent gang members in a twisted attempt to justify building his “big, beautiful wall.”

Here’s the truth: we need more people like Daisy, who was my guest at the State of the Union last week. She came to the United States at two years old, and she works two jobs: 40 hours a week at the local Circle K, and another 16 hours as an IT specialist in a local school district.

Daisy has done more to contribute to this country’s future than Donald Trump ever has or ever will. We need more people like Daisy, not less. That’s why I am fighting to ensure Daisy and the 800,000 other Dreamers won’t be deported from the only country they have ever known.

Trump is trying to force Democrats to accept his radical, anti-immigrant agenda in order to save these Dreamers.

Instead of spreading lies and scaring Americans into supporting his policies, our president should be focused on passing a bipartisan immigration law that reflects the best of us.

Stand with me: Add your name to demand Trump and Republican leaders pass the Dream Act this week.

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