2022 Fight the Right Canvass Schedule

Thanks for signing up to Fight the Right in 2022. We all know what's at stake; now it's up to us to knock as many doors as we can to get commitments to vote (preferably by having folks apply for a mail-in ballot). Please think through your personal schedule and sign up for as many canvasses as you think you can do. Our plan is to pair you up with another volunteer to knock doors together.

We are working in coordination with other groups to make sure everyone gets their door knocked, and we appreciate your help in making this happen. We'll let you know when we add more canvasses.

Unless otherwise notified:

All Saturday canvasses will start at the Studio at 5535 Lena Street in Germantown at 10AM.

All Sunday canvasses will start at the Lovett Library at 6945 Germantown Ave at 11AM.