2023 General Election Canvass Sign-Up

Thanks for agreeing to join us to buddy canvass our neighbors!

We appreciate you for the work you do in support of candidates who share our values. We are focusing most of our attention on holding a rally and launching a canvass in Vernon Park for Saturday, Nov. 4th starting at 11AM, so please make this canvass your priority.


Meanwhile, we will also be canvassing in West Mt. Airy on Sunday.

There is a lot on the line in this election - from a PA Supreme Court that needs to stay solidly blue, and an opportunity to add another great people's candidate in Nicolas O'Rourke to join Kendra Brooks on City Council.

All canvasses start at 11AM.

Thanks again!

p.s. It's a Philly Thing - This city is a football town, and a number of our canvassers said they've gotten grief for showing up right in the middle of a game. So we made sure to schedule our Sunday canvasses so that they are not during an Eagles game.