2024 Green Party of New Jersey Presidential Nomination Electronic Ballot Request

Hello to all our registered and current dues paying Greens! We are hosting the 2024 GPNJ Annual & Presidential Nominating Convention both in person and online via zoom. We are still planning to utilize an electronic ballot for the Presidential Candidate Nomination voting just like we did in 2020. Please complete this form which we will use to verify your NJ voter registration and party affiliation "Green" or that you are a current dues paying member. If you are not and want to participate in the Convention agenda or Presidential Candidate Nomination you must party affiliate "Green" by Friday, April 19th at 11:59pm. Once that time has lapsed we will allow new members to pay their $25 annual dues on our website by Friday, May 3rd at 5pm ET. Then you will be sent an electronic ballot to the email address provided on this form. You will have up until 3pm ET on May 4th the day of the Convention to cast your Presidential Candidate Nomination electronic ballot. *Current GPNJ dues status is from 5/5/2023 - 5/5/2024*



The 2024 Annual Convention will be held on Saturday May 4th, 2024 from 10am-4:00pm ET in person or online. The links to register and attend the Annual Convention either in person or zoom are on the state party website.


You must be a registered New Jersey voter with the party affiliation "Green" by April 19th 11:59PM ET to participate in the Convention and Presidential Candidate Nomination Vote. Dues paying members must remit their $25 annual dues through the state party website by May 3rd 5pm ET. A separate request for your electronic ballot must be submitted to us. Electronic Ballot requests can be requested at the convention day until 1pm ET. All votes must be cast by 3pm ET sharp.